The Memorial Pin is the official pin of the Ontario Police Memorial.

This pewter pin replicates the Memorial's Wall of Honour, which contains the names of all fallen officers who have died in the service to the people of Ontario.

The pin depicts a Trillium flower placed within a badge. A badge is the symbol, which represents the authority of all police officers, and the Trillium is the official flower of the Province of Ontario.  Combined together they represent all Police Officers in Ontario.

The words “HEROES IN LIFE NOT DEATH” are on the Pin and on the Memorial’s main pedestal.
These words are from a Police Officer’s Widow. These words reflect her feelings shortly after her husband’s funeral.


 Her words need nothing more said.

As fellow Police Officers, both active and retired, we ask and encourage you to wear your pin as a sign of support and respect for the families and our fallen comrades, during the following times:

On the day that a police officer is killed in the line of duty, until sundown on the day
of the officer's funeral.

During the Ontario Police Memorial Day, the first Sunday in May.

During the Canadian Police Peace Officer's Memorial Day on the last Sunday of September.